Basic diploma in flight dispatch

The Aircraft Dispatcher is a licensed airman who has joint responsibility with the captain for the safety and operational control of flights under his guidance. He analyzes and evaluates meteorological information to determine potential hazards to safety of flight and to select the most desirable and economic route of flight. He prepares and signs the dispatch release which is the legal document providing authorization for a flight to depart.


12th Standard or Any graduate from a recognized university. Age limit - 18 years onwards

Scope, Salary and job opportunities

The average salary for a Dispatcher is Rs. 15,264 per month in India. 

As a consequence of demand, airlines are looking for well-qualified and certified flight operation staff, who is well-prepared for challenges of this job. Next step can be the email to flight dispatcher training providers who offer a variety of training packages. After the courses are completed you will be awarded with a certification approving your qualification as a flight dispatcher and, subsequently, you are ready to start your career in this field.

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